They’re Bringin’ Back The Nixon Jibfest

The word around the campfire is that they’re bringin’ back the Nixon Jibfest.  In fact, as I understand it, it starts today at Northstar at Tahoe.

After nearly 8 years in hibernation, what is widely considered the best, most laid back, most progressive, and most innovative events is about to get underway.

Details surrounding the event have been pretty vague and indefinite…particularly as it relates to the setup and the rider list, but Blotto has posted some images on his blog today of his arrival at the Jibfest…and we now that Simon Chamberlain is going to be there based on what he is posting on his blog, Simon Sayz.

I can’t wait for footage from the event to start surfacing.  Until then, these videos from past years will have to tie us over.


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