Got the time?

Everybody wants your style, but not everybody can have it! The BuySnow crew is in official summer mode! And if your anything like us, were counting down the seconds, well days, until it’s time to snowboard again. My lift jar is getting weighted down with extra change, and by the end of summer, it only gets me one days lift. Poor ticket counter girl, I come in peace, with a jar of change.

Did I mention, I spend most of the money that gets dropped in the lift jar before winter? I’ve got a image to uphold, or at least, somewhat of an image. But I finally accepted my own conclusion, if my riding gear is clean, its like new. But like you, this guy is way overdue for some new style. And I personally cant think of a better time to check out the riding essentials, and dressing room in After a tour around the store, I came up with a long list of goodies. Want to see my partial list? Yeah, here it is:

Reef Sandals (A Personal Favorite),  I used to kick around Oahu in these. And yes you can snowboard on the Big Island. G-Shock “Yeah I got the time” for like 12 years (Still have my original G-Shock from 98′). Spy Cooper XL’s (White) – (Did we see SPY hit the scene in surfing first?) Anyways, click on any picture below for a short, seriously quick, trip to the shop! Theres a ton of gear, all in one killer spot –

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