Burton Ambush Boots 2012

If you’re a frequent flier on Facebook or have been hawking our site as of late, then you have already started to see our 2012 Burton collection. With the winter season arriving closer by the day, we want to make sure your ready for the cold. In the upcoming weeks we will be showcasing a variety of new winter gear and snowboard products right here on our “Good Stuff” blog. Let’s kick it off with Burton Snowboards 2012 Ambush Boots.

2012 Burton Ambush Boots

Burton Snowboard Boots just keep getting better. Each new season showcases the astounding design effort placed on the product development team. And Jussi Oksanen’s preferred boot, the 2012 Burton Ambush Boot, is no exception. These snowboard boots are serious from the sole up. Constructed of featherweight materials, these will give you the ultimate in strength and support. Burton’s exclusive construction also provides that broken-in feel right out of the box. The Burton Ambush Boots are well worth the money, not too expensive, yet durable and comfortable enough for an easy buying decision.

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