Refreshing Rocky Mountain Snow Is (Almost) Here.

We are all ticking off each second waiting for the first major snowfall of the season.  As dog days of Summer turn into the cooler to colder days of Fall and Winter, our warehouse is stocking and stuffing the shelves in preparation for another great sideways season. We have tons (yes, tons) of your favorite gear, packaged with care, and ready to ship to your front door.

While you’re perusing our store and feverishly dropping snowboards and outerwear in your personal wish list, we are doing our part to help quench the thirst of every snowboarder.  The creativity that flows beyond our walls is unprecedented, and takes on yet another new feel for September/October.  We asked our designer “EJ” how he came up with this months Rocky Mountain front-page style.  EJ said…

“The front page style started out as a creative for one brand and one product.  The success of the Rocky Mountain design translated into a perfect fit for our front page.”

We agree, EJ, this month’s packaging is well, refreshing.  Check out our boy EJ’s new front-page design.  And please leave a comment below, tell us what you like or what you would change in design or functionality.  By the way, if you leave a comment and let us know, you are automatically entered to win a new pair of Skullcandy UPROCK headphones just for your suggestions. Winner will be chosen at random on September 30, 2011.


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4 Responses to Refreshing Rocky Mountain Snow Is (Almost) Here.

  1. Ron Anderson says:

    It looks good. I am a snowboarder and a father of two snowboarders. This looks like the type of thing that will make my kids drool for the latest gear, but I also want the newest and best for myself so they might want to find a paper route.

    • Brian says:

      Yeah Ron, it never hurts to start the paper route progression early! Thanks for the comment Ron! Every piece of information we can grab a hold of, gives us the opportunity to become even better at what we do! -Brian

  2. JJ says:

    It looks rad! I like how it has a Rolling Stone feel to it.

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