January | Learn to Snowboard Month

Humans were never meant to hibernate. That’s why January is the official Learn to Snowboard Month (LSM). LSM encourages kids and adults to get off the couch and take lessons from professional instructors while also challenging established snowboarders to take their skills to the next level. Besides being a perfect excuse to get outdoors and learn something new, LSM is also a way to share our passion with future boarders.

Over 300 resorts in 32 states participate in LSM by providing special learning programs  during the month of January. For a full list of participating resorts, visit the interactive Google Maps page HERE.

For more information on LSM, visit www.skiandsnowboardmonth.org. For questions regarding equipment, getting started, and anything else, email [email protected], call (866) 268-7669 or visit BuySnow.com. Happy learning!

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