Snowboard Maintenance Theory 101

There is a popular misconception that today’s snowboards are so technologically advanced that they don’t require as much waxing and maintenance. This is NOT true. In fact, waxing your base is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to increase the performance of your snowboard.

Five Reasons to wax your snowboard:
1.) Noticeable increase in speed.
2.) Noticeable increase in control.
3.) Less resistance (no more pushing at the bottom of the mtn)
4.) Reduces/covers minor abrasions that disturb riding performance.
5.) A freshly waxed board smells wonderful.

Because we feel snowboard maintenance is so important we have dedicated a section to it on our website called Tools/Tuning. There you can find irons, wax, and all-inclusive DIY kits to get your board riding right. 

For all product questions concerning snowboard tuning and maintenance email [email protected] or call (866) 268-2669.


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