Where Are They Now?

Shaun Palmer

Considered by many as one of the forefathers of extreme sports, Shaun “Palm Daddy” Palmer has tons of accolades. By the end of the ’90s he had acheived professional status in snowboarding, supercross, and mountain biking. His ability to adapt and succeed at nearly every sport he chose helped him gain numerous endorsements. Palmer’s name has always been synonymous with success.

Currently, in his spare time Palmer collects vintage Cadillac and enjoys all types  of water sports and golf. When not training for one sport or another,  Shaun serves as the CEO of Palmer Snowboards, founded in 1995. He also has a biographical video out titled “The Miserable Champion”.

Jimmy Halopoff


Back in the 1990s, when people wore baggy clothes, Snowboarding was coming of age. In 1998 snowboarding went from being an alternative, extreme sport to an Olympic sport. Reigning from Tahoe, Jimmy Halopoff was in the thick of it all. With a pro model from Lamar, groundbreaking video parts, and top contest results, Halopoff was considered one of the sport’s top pros.

The dawn of the new decade brought with it newer hardgood technology, younger faces, and advancements in park building that ultimately raised the bar of freestyle snowboarding. It was during this time that Halopoff’s name lost relevance. At age 42, Halopoff doesn’t stay as active in the snowboard industry, but he still spends a lot of time at Heavenly Valley in Tahoe. Here he has been featured and interviewed on the local morning show.

Chuck Barfoot

Born in New Jersey in 1946, Chuck Barfoot has been designing snowboards since he was a teenager in wood shop class. He started surfing on the east coast in 1961 and moved to California in the late 1960s. In 1978 Barfoot created his first run of snowboards in Utah outside of Salt Lake City. Two years later he created Barfoot Snowboards. In 2008 Barfoot Snowboards turned thirty years old.

Despite Barfoot making innovative boards, Chuck’s soul-surfing attitude got the best of the business and the company laid dormant during the ’00s. But, now Chuck is now back to making skateboards full-time and will soon, according to the “Angry Snowboarder”, be making handmade snowboards one by one.

Jeff Brushie

One of a kind and ahead of his time, Jeff Brushie is considered to be one of the most stylish snowboarders ever. He’s a true legend of the East Coast scene. Back in his prime, “Mr. Smooth” was one of the most consistent riders that truly meshed skate style with snowboarding. If you’ve ever seen footage of Brushie riding back in the day, you can’t help but notice his influence on modern tech tricks.

Since then, Brushie has been in and out of the judges booth in the X-Games the Dew Tour. He has a wife and two kids who both snowboard. Before the market sloped off, Brushie made a living by fixing up old houses and selling them. His favorite hobbies include surfing and drinking espresso.

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