QuikSILVER “One Off” Full Part | Will Lavigne

“Will Lavigne is one of the most underrated riders in snowboarding today. Long time wingman of LNP, food connoisseur and full time funny man, Will cut his teeth in the Québec scene coming up with the early Sugarshack crew before busting out three parts for Rome Snowboards. What is often times lost in the flurry of 270s and assaults on big kinks and structures like the Red Ledge is that Will actually came up as a jumper and is no stranger to big park kickers or backcountry booters. This year, Will took a different approach to his season. He basically attached himself to new Quiksilver Team Manager Trent Ludwig and spent his season filming with whoever he wanted, amassing a grip of footy that Trent then put into the video part above. This part should once again remind people why Will is a major member of the Bandwagon and should also serve as a precursor as to what is on the horizon for him and the rest of the Déjà Vu crew as they begin filming their greatly-anticipated project for next season.” – Snowboard Mag

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