Top 5 Customizers in Board Sports

I guess they’re called “customizers”?  Or…are they called “configurators”?  I’m referring to those fun little things where you can take a product that exists and personalize it to make it unique to you, to make it your own.  They’re like low-consideration versions of the SIMS.  I like building my own Toyota.  I like designing my own Nikes.  I even have a Bitmoji.  But, it’s when these amusing digital diversions cross paths with my passions – surfing, snowboarding, wake, etc. – that things get really good.  Given all of that, I’m proud to present…

My Top 5 Customizers in Board Sports:

1. Oakley Custom

With Oakley’s customizer you can “Make It Yours” in a couple of different categories, but…as far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the sunglasses.  I took the Holbrook…and gave it a Gray Smoke frame, matte black icons, and Dark Bronze lenses.  The result is kind of like my nod to Lefty Ruggiero.  Check it out:

My Oakley Custom Holbrook

My Oakley Custom Holbrook


2. Converse Blank Canvas

For this one I went with the updated, yet highly classic and relevant Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Ox.  What I came up with is like a run-in between the kids from that Hoosiers movie and every hipster in East Atlanta.  The hackneyed, if not vain, “PERSONAL iD” on the heel stripe is part of the presentation.


3. Board Builder : Channel Islands Surfboards

In my estimation, Al Merrick is the preeminent shaper in the history of surfing.  I paddled out on my first Channel Islands (an MBM) over a decade ago.  I don’t know that I could bring myself to ride anything without the Al Merrick stamp on it.  My shape of choice in this exercise was the current iteration of the Flyer; the aptly named “New Flyer.”  I set up the stringer, the fin plugs…everything.  You can even add air brush art work.  This customization is inspired by Tom Curren.  She’s beautiful.


4. Design Your Nautique

We (as in…Ambush Board Co. and have been friends of and partners with Nautique in a major way for many, many years.  It’s pretty much objectively true that Nautique produces the best wake boats.  The wake they throw is firm, rampy (is that a word?), and huge.  C’mon, I’ll take you for a pull behind this:


5. Lib Tech’s DIY Board Builder

Lib Tech is short for Liberace Technologies, a reference to “Mr. Showmanship,” as well as to Lib Tech’s radically innovative approach to snowboard design and absolute commitment to environmental sustainability.  Lib has long since made a believer out of me.
I want one snowboard that excels in any terrain and in all conditions.  More specifically, I want the Lib Tech TRS – XC2 BTX.  Let’s be real, black is the new black…and the Classic Logo Black top is irresistible (for whatever reason, though, I selected the Classic Logo White base).  I referenced the whole “Banana” thing with black/yellow sidewalls.  This thing is bad:

I woke up like this...

I woke up like this…


So…that’s my top 5 customizers in board sports.  Thank you for indulging me.  If you have any favorites of your own, please post a comment below.


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