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I am a snowboarder and action sports pundit from Atlanta, GA. The opinions I express are entirely my own.

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Seb Toot’s 2014 B-Reel Edit

On the heels of his recent season edit, Sebastien Toutant drops another one on us in the form of this 3.5 minute b-reel edit featuring unused 2014 footage. We aren’t sure why some of these shots were not used until now, but are happy with it nonetheless! Press play and watch Toots ride various parks throughout the world to the sounds of Bob Dylan.


Watch Seb Toot’s 2014 Street edit.

ManBoys Web Series to Kick Off in June on TransWorld Snowboarding

Matt Belzie, Jody Wachniak, Robjn Taylor, Chris Rasman, Rusty Ockenden, and Mark Sollors, a crew from Whistler known as the Man Boys, have recently teamed up with Transworld Snowboarding to bring their not-so-serious attitude and outlook on snowboarding into a serious web series starting in June. The guys have been known for lurking the park at Whistler and putting out parts that are equally as fun to watch as they probably were to make. The crew oozes charisma and we can’t wait to see more. Head to Transworld Snowboarding to watch the official trailer to their new series, ManBoys.

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Seb Toots Street Edit 2014

Toot’s 2013 edit blew us away, so needless to say we’ve been waiting patiently for this one. Check out Canadian Sebastien Toutant’s 2014 street edit right now, filmed in two weeks in and around Montreal.

Outside the box

Check out Seb Toot’s 2013 street edit.

The Future of Snowboarding Videos

Snowboarders Mike Baisch and Nicholas Wolken teamed up with Christoph Thoresen to get some experimental snowboard footage with a drone and a GoPro. Watch as the trio stacks some unique footage for followcopter in the back country.

GoPro + Drone

More on GoPro cameras and accessories.

Shredacation at Park City with BuySnow

Cole Vanhof recently put his wakeboard  in storage and hopped on a plane to Salt Lake City. Well, it was only a two day trip but was quite fruitful. Press play and watch Cole Vanhoff and Nick Gaddy among others, take to the terrain of Park City Mtn. Resort.

Know who you’re buying from.


Colorado Cruising with Mark McMorris and the Shredbots Crew

In this soulful edit, Mark McMorris and the Shredbots cruise through Keystone’s Area 51 Terrain Park to the Marshall Tucker Band.

Shredbots at Keystone CO A51

The Invisible Snowboarder

It seems as if Turkey has created an invisible man…specifically, an invisible man who rips on a snowboard. Pull the trigger on this creative edit from Fakie TV and watch the invisible snowboarder press and flip his way around with the guys fromm Riders Army IV.

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