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I am a snowboarder and action sports pundit from Atlanta, GA. The opinions I express are entirely my own.

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Renting vs. Owning a Snowboard Setup

The debate is settled. For approximately the same amount of money you would spend on renting this season you could get your very own premium, high-performance snowboard setup. Plus you never have to give it back. Check the facts below.

Proof that Buying a Snowboard, Bindings, and Boots is better and less expensive.

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Snowboarding in New York City

While not known for its altitude, Long Island can still get over thirty inches of snow throughout the Winter. For most people this is annoying…but not this guy.

Watch Casey Neistat snowboard through NYC the only way altitude allows, tied to the back of a Jeep! Happy Friday.

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“Fantasy Slopestyle” Instagram Contest

Today the best all-around snowboarders take to the world stage for Olympic Snowboarding Slopestyle in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

Follow us on Instagram and drop your top three predictions in the comments of this post for a chance to win a $50 BuySnow Giftcard. *Entrants must specify 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Winners announced Monday, Feb. 10.

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Potential Finalists:

Official Snowboard Slopesyle Result Sochi Feb 6. 2014 Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.31.28 AMSochi Olympic Results Mens Slopestyle 2014

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Norwegian Torstein Horgmo out of Olympics pending injury

Torstein Horgmo

Professional snowboarder and Olympic medal hopeful, Torstein Horgmo, is out of the Winter Olympics with a fractured collarbone. The injury was sustained after a hard crash Monday at the top of the Olympic slopestyle course.

“Injuries and falls are part of this sport, but the timing is really bad,” Horgmo said in a statement released by the Norwegian team.

It is reported that athletes had shown concern about certain steep kickers prior before official practice began on Monday. Now, organizers will be trimming the tops and bottoms of some jumps. Organizers maintain that Horgmo’s accident happened because he was attempting a really hard trick, not because of the course.



X Games Real Snow 2014 Video

One of our favorite aspects of the Winter X-Games is Real Snow, a quasi video challenge that pits eight of the world’s best urban snowboarders against each other to vie for one of the top three spots.  It’s up to you to judge so head over and vote for the first round!

XGames Real Snow First Round Lineup


Shaun White Unveils New Trick For Sochi Olympics

Dubbed “The Gold Snatcher”, Shaun White recently landed the first ever double cork 1440 at a private half pipe in Perisher, Australia. Watch White land the move for the first time here in this GoPro web short.


Scott Stevens Full Part from THE LAST ONES

The crew at VIDEOGRASS recently uploaded Scott Steven’s part from their recent flick, The Last Ones, in its entirety. It’s always amazing to see what Scott is doing on his snowboard. The man is known for thinking outside the box and executing some pretty creative stuff. This part is a perfect example.

“Scott Stevens just might be the most creative snowboarder to walk the earth. Last year, with the support from 32, Etnies, Capita, Coal, Crab Grab, and Smith we were able to help Scott film one of his best parts ever. He is a true genius, innovator, sleep eater, and all around amazing alien.” – VIDEOGRASS

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Peer into Scott Stewert's sole.