Snowboarding’s Origins Explored In New Dangerzone Episode

In response to a recent Berrics snowboarding mockery (“If the Alien Workshop can be owned by a snowboard company, there shouldn’t be any hiccups in our transition into the more popular, more respected, more hot chicks, more everything Olympian sport of snowboarding.”), Dangerzone decided to answer back with a little snide sarcasm of their own.

Honestly, though, I think that Dangerzone might be on to something with their assertion that snowboarding is derived from rollerblading, not skateboarding.  It’s so easy for us all to claim skate roots in an attempt to gain acceptance from the coolest and most legitimate of all “Action Sports” (aside from the ancient art of surfing, of course), but we revisionist historians out there know the true story.  Snowboarding isn’t a relative of skateboarding at all.  At our core, we are rollerbladers through and through.

So…let’s embrace this…and move on from the false history that we’ve been trying so desperately to convince ourselves is true for all these years.

Dangerzone Season 3 Episode 13- “Fruit-Boarding” from Nick Visconti on Vimeo.

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