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Red Bull Double Pipe| Eddie Wall & Louie Vito

Watch Eddie Wall’s POV through the Double Pipe following Louie Vito in the Red Bull Double Pipe set up.  Honestly we would have liked to see Louie follow Eddie!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Yuki Kadono Stomps Back to Back 1620s – 2015 Burton US Open Slopestyle Finals

Oh and the 2nd one was switch backside 1620 FYI.

Jeremy Jones – Real Snow – Real Life

Look we have always been and will continue to be huge Jeremy Jones fans.  People toss the word legend around a little to often, but when directed towards him it sticks.  The original rail master and now the ultimate front runner in unique street hits, wall rides, roof gaps….Jeremy indeed “Still has it”.

Read this great write up done by Snowboard Magazine “Here to stay” and watch his ESPN Real Street part and give him a vote.

YAWGOONS 13 – Where Style Matters

There is seriously more style and amazing snowboarding coming out of Yawgoo Valley then most major snow resorts.  Of course the Euro carve is all the rage, but this is next level.  Peep the new YAWGOONS 13 edit and play this every time before you go ride!

Snowboarding at Yawgoo Valley with Dylan Gamache, Marcus Rand, and Brian Skorupski
Filming/Editing: Dr. Brendan
Additional Filming: Marcus Rand
Song: Aqualung by Jethro Tull

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2015 Winter XGames

EXTREME GAMES!!!!!  That’s what it really has become am I right?  Double flips in the half pipe are normal and triple flip variations off the kickers in slopestyle is so 2013.  So why watch?  It’s simple there is basically nothing else on and you haven’t planned a snowboard trip this season plus it is the closest you will get to snow right now.  One of the most interesting statistics we came across today where these FACTS regarding Mr. White.

Shaun White
• 22 #‎XGames‬ starts
• 23 total medals
• 18 Winter  medals
• 15 total gold medals
• 13 Winter  gold medals

How about?  The one that they missed the most is the fact that Mr. White received a total point score of 100 in the 2012 winter X.  I mean come on a 100?  Perfect?  I’m not one to judge, but i saw a hand drag on the last hit…lol.  Peep it.

Whatever happens in the Super Pipe tonight it’s sure to be legendary….hopefully.  For all the Winter XGames information your heart wants hit their site or twitter for event times and what’s going on live.  After you have reached your target heart rate hit up our Riding Essentials portion of the site and load up on new gear and get out and ride already!

Snowboard Bungee Jump?

Nope…no thank you.  Just when you think you have seen it all this video pops up and proves that anything is possible.

Where to Snowboard Right Now | Park City, UT

So the wonderful white stuff that we all love has hit plenty of resorts all across America.  Now that you got your new gear it’s time to put it all to good use and start planning a trip with your buddies.  We wanted to drop some knowledge on you all with the first place you need to visit this year….Park City, Utah. recently acquired a spot in Park City and we are in the planning stages of dates as we speak.  One of the biggest factors of why you should go there is accessibility.  A short drive from the airport and some of the best powder in all of the land can be had at this amazing resort.  Just recently a fan sent us this video of some of the conditions that Park City has right now!

Edit:  There is plenty to laugh at in this video, but hey they are having a damn good time!

Look we get it Riders: Cort Birmingham, Reese Cocrane, and Destin Huggins are not Olympic athletes, but they got a fair taste of powder and a little bit of park action on a blue bird day.

Make sure you book lift tickets in advanced to save around 35% off and check the Snow Report and Mountain Cams for the latest conditions.

Make sure you have all the essentials you need for an epic trip!