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2012 X-Games Superpipe | Perfect Score

The word perfect should never just be thrown around. Sure tell your your mom her meat loaf is perfect, tell your girlfriend her jeans fit perfect, just don’t forget what perfect actually means.

My favorite definition of perfect states simply “being without defect or blemish”. Would a hand drag not be a “defect or blemish?” (0:26). Not to discredit Shaun, this is certainly the best run I’ve ever seen in a superpipe, but is it really perfect? A 99.95 would have certainly sufficed.

There’s always room for improvement, even if you are the best.

Behind the Scenes: 686|Fallen

Learn the inspiration behind independent outerwear brand 686 and Fallen footwear’s 2012 collaboration. This collab is the hottest thing since Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The styles mimic Jamie’s own personal collection of flannel shirts while also drawing inspiration from some of Fallen’s past lines of hooded sweatshirts.

This video takes you behind the scenes with Jamie Thomas (Fallen) and Michael Akira West (686) to discuss the genesis  behind the collaboration.



2012 Neff is In! just received a huge shipment of Neff last week. Let me attempt to paint the picture. There was so much, our staff had to stretch the process out over three days. I even had to stop making mental post-its, and start taking mental photo’s! We have 2012 Neff backpacks, beanies, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, Neff watches (yes watches).  A simple picture to paint. We have a ton of new 2012 Neff gear, and everything you need to ride! Check it out!


Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Bindings

The snowboard bindings respected by the masters of snow, Burton fuses empowering performance and total comfort into one with the Cartel EST. This binding is pushing dudes like Mikkel, Kazu, and Rencz to crush all restraints, and Everest-like mountain peaks. The super lively baseplate and new AutoCant cushioning creates mind-reading response from park laps to Banshee-like urban brawlers. A set-it-and-forget-it strap package keeps your dogs comfortably caged…while the anatomically canted Living Hinge hi-back activates your edges and turns up precision and style.

The Burton Cartel EST Binding (Toxic Green) has a Response Rating of 7…and rides exclusively with Burton boards featuring The Channel.


Oakley Goggles – Crowbar

Oakley never lets our crew down. I am sure you will find the new selection of Oakley goggles tasty! This crew pick is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at the 2012 Oakley Crowbar. Crowbar Snow is the first Oakley snow goggle created with pressure balance in mind. The Oakley Crowbar is designed and constructed incorporating struts to distribute goggle frame pressure across the face for all-day comfort. Oakley engineered the contact area of the snowboard goggle to match facial contouring for a precise anatomical fit. A silicone backing insures that the strap will stay in place. There are also a three layers of fleece face foam, which maintain comfort while wicking or pulling away the sweat from your face during those all-out all-day shred sessions.

Burton Ambush Boots 2012

If you’re a frequent flier on Facebook or have been hawking our site as of late, then you have already started to see our 2012 Burton collection. With the winter season arriving closer by the day, we want to make sure your ready for the cold. In the upcoming weeks we will be showcasing a variety of new winter gear and snowboard products right here on our “Good Stuff” blog. Let’s kick it off with Burton Snowboards 2012 Ambush Boots.

2012 Burton Ambush Boots

Burton Snowboard Boots just keep getting better. Each new season showcases the astounding design effort placed on the product development team. And Jussi Oksanen’s preferred boot, the 2012 Burton Ambush Boot, is no exception. These snowboard boots are serious from the sole up. Constructed of featherweight materials, these will give you the ultimate in strength and support. Burton’s exclusive construction also provides that broken-in feel right out of the box. The Burton Ambush Boots are well worth the money, not too expensive, yet durable and comfortable enough for an easy buying decision.

2012 Lib-Tech Travis Rice Pro C2BTX

Our staff has been working diligently to get the new 2012 products in our catalog and live on our site. For those of us who still have a couple months before take-off, now is the time to take advantage of stocked shelves. As you know, the closer we get to white stuff, the harder it will be to purchase the snowboard you want…like the 2012 Lib-Tech Travis Rice Pro C2BTX, for example.  You can also see this board and Travis Rice in the upcoming release, “The Art of Flight”.  We already have the 2012 T. Rice Pro Model in stock and ready to go, and will be carrying “The Art of Flight” once it’s released in the Fall.  With all this talk about the upcoming “Winter Storm Advisory”, we want to make sure that you are ready! Check out the short clip of the T.Rice Pro C2BTX from Lib-Tech Below.

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