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Instalove – Top 7 Instagrams You Should Follow

So we are huge fans of the double tap.  Nothing brings greater joy than seeing a good feed during a awesome winter to keep the stoke alive or even off season to remind you of how awesome snowboarding really is.  Here is our top 7 must follow on instaram.

1) 686 – Is killer.  They have a great mix of lifestyle, skate, and of course some insane snowboarding stuff

2) Bear Mountain – One of our favorite resorts to visit and home of one of the most badass terrain parks.  Plus they hold some sick events every year!

3) Transworld Snowboarding – This is a no brainer.  You in fact should already be following them…if not what’s wrong with you?

4) Volcom Snowboarding – Hands down one of our favorite group of riders and we are pretty sure the entire team is Mental.

5) Scotty Lago – Because he is a warm blooded American who flat out RIPS.  Two words – Olympic Medalist.

6) John Jackson – Basically this guy has the life.  Pretty sure he is a professional fisherman in the off season.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that Red Bull has his back and he travels the world shredding his face off.

7) Mark Sollors – Part of The Manboys crew and jack of all trades.  Mt. Bike, Skate, Snow?  Mark is one to keep your eye on…style for miles!

Jump on the insta and get following!  Don’t forget us! @BuySnow (winter is coming…LOL)

Behind the Scenes: 686|Fallen

Learn the inspiration behind independent outerwear brand 686 and Fallen footwear’s 2012 collaboration. This collab is the hottest thing since Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The styles mimic Jamie’s own personal collection of flannel shirts while also drawing inspiration from some of Fallen’s past lines of hooded sweatshirts.

This video takes you behind the scenes with Jamie Thomas (Fallen) and Michael Akira West (686) to discuss the genesis  behind the collaboration.



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