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X-Games Countdown

Last year, four days in Aspen saw a perfect 100 score, a five-peat, first-ever tricks and a celebration of the life of Sarah Burke. It was an emotional X-Games to say the least. Lives were celebrated and records were broken.

The world’s premier four day Winter action sports event is back, kicking off this Saturday, January 26 in Aspen, CO. This year  promises to be full of joy, sadness,  pain, but most of all progression. With the word “triple cork” flying around, we may very well witness history in the making again. Especially if snowboarding demi-god Shaun White has anything to do with it.

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Win a Volcom Snowboard!

We’re half way done with the Volcom snowboard giveaway. Only two more weeks until we pick the winner. Act now and you could still win this super exclusive Volcom snowboard usually reserved exclusively for team riders. Just click the link below and sign up for a chance to win. Good Luck!

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Transworld Snowboard Mag recently released their highly anticipated “Good Wood” Snowboard Test results.  The crew reviewed and tested over 400 boards at Mt. Bachelor and narrowed them down to the best thirty.  These remaining boards represent the best in the industry for 2013.  Here are five of our favorite boards to make the list:

TRS Good Wood


K2 – Happy Hour$480

“Don’t let the simple graphics fool you. There’s more than meets the eye in this pointy pick. A pre-curved carbon Ollie Bar between the feet helps you load up on Ollies, and carbon stringers toward the tips add pop and stability. The new Tweakend tip shape creates longer rockered zones to float, press, and land on. With a straight-up flat board profile, you get a smooth feel that’s neither too loose nor too catchy.”


“Your chariot de shred. The Rook is built with a flat camber profile that’s easy to press, float, pop, and still hold an edge when you have to dig in. Those edges are also 50 percent thicker than the standard, so they can take hits without cracking. New this year is thinner core profiling between the feet for better board feel and flex, and thicker zones outside the feet for ollie and landing power. Another additive for 2013 is a tip-to-tail slab of fiberglass for added pop.”

CapitaDefenders of Awesome$380

“New to Capita’s line, this is your all-mountain destroyer. You’ve got good ol’ camber beneath your feet extending five centimeters past the outer inserts, flat camber out to the end of the effective edge, then a light rise of reverse camber into Capita’s Flat Kick nose and tail. With the kinky twin tip shape and that black metal graphic, you’ll be murdering it from the highest peaks to the lowliest of jibs.”

Lib TechTRS C2BTX$560

“A total ripper—nothing less. One of the winningest Good Wood boards in history is back again. The stiffer flex and C2 Power Banana camber combo give this Lib team-favorite solid-edge feel and pop when and where you need it. The serrated Magne-Traction edges grip and grab in the most bulletproof of ice. Add in the top-shelf wood core, basalt blended fiberglass, and twin geometry, and you’re ready to send this thing anywhere.”

K2 – Raygun – $360

“An all-mountain maniac. It hacks it down steeps, through trees, and it can slay it in the park. It has a mellow reverse camber—flat under your feet to the outer inserts, with a smooth early rise in the tip and more flat in the tail—great for float in pow and quick, effortless turns. With its slightly tapered shape and setback stance, you’ll be making carves a ski racer would envy.”


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Analog | Danny Davis Caption Contest

So you think your funny huh? Prove it in our latest caption contest. Take a long hard look at the image below, put on your rain coat and start the brainstorm. Once it hits you, submit your caption to the Analog caption contest page. If you prove yourself worthy, your caption will be chosen as one of the four finalists put into a Facebook poll on our Facebook page. The lucky poll winner will receive a Danny Davis signature Analog Alder Jacket.


The Analog Alder Jacket features classic Danny Davis style in a 2L jet micro poly fabric with 40G poly insulation. It comes complete with removable sleeves, elbow patches, and a corduroy hood.



What are you waiting for? Get creative.

Behind The Scenes @

Although is a virtual store, the process is about as real as it gets. Every employee we staff is completely committed to bringing you the best service and quality possible. Here’s a quick look into our world; the world of




Meet Moe. He doesn’t speak much but can be a great listener. He gets locked up from time to time…but so do all the greats (MLK, Weezy, etc.). He recently picked up playing the harmonica.





Processing superstar Jordan Smith and House Videographer Max Yoder being guided by Creative Marketing Director Derek Davis (@SGT_Diamond). Check our Youtube HERE!




The last thing these boxes see before they arrive at your door is Shipping Expert Garret Baumen’s purdy face. Ladies, he is single. Find him on Facebook.






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Behind the Scenes: 686|Fallen

Learn the inspiration behind independent outerwear brand 686 and Fallen footwear’s 2012 collaboration. This collab is the hottest thing since Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The styles mimic Jamie’s own personal collection of flannel shirts while also drawing inspiration from some of Fallen’s past lines of hooded sweatshirts.

This video takes you behind the scenes with Jamie Thomas (Fallen) and Michael Akira West (686) to discuss the genesis  behind the collaboration.



La Niña: What does it mean?

It seems that la Niña is back for another year…so what does that mean exactly?

According to meteorologist Joel Gratz, “La Nina means that water temperatures in a large area of the central Pacific Ocean (around the equator) are below normal.” Gratz explains. “These below normal water temperatures influence global weather patterns, and for the U.S. this typically means more snow falls in northern areas while less snow falls in southern areas.”

This is Gratz’ regional breakdown for 2012:

• 125-150% of average. La Niña strongly favors the Pacific Northwest with lots and lots (and lots) of snow.

• A typical La Niña produces about average snow for Tahoe and below average for SOCAL.
• However, last season the storm track shifted south over California and hammered Tahoe with 150+% of average and buried Mammoth. Anything can happen.

• Northern areas like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming should do very well (125-150% of average).
• Utah and northern Colorado should be above average (100-125%) but there’s less confidence in this outlook since these areas are in the middle (not too far north or south).
• Average or below average snow is typical for La Niña in southern Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. But last season southern Colorado did OK as did Arizona.

• Northern areas (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan) could see very heavy snow and cold weather.
• Further south from these areas is harder to predict – could go either way (don’t you love when a weatherman says that?)

• Northern New England should see the best snow (125% of average) while southern New England could see snowfall closer to average levels.

• The highest mountains of the southeast could see a bit drier winter with temperatures above normal. But it only takes one big storm to drive cold air south and crank out a few feet of snow for the Appalachians.


*Joel Gratz is a meteorologist and founder of the website Open Snow, dedicated to providing riders and shops with quick, accurate regional snow reports.

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