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Jeremy Jones – Real Snow – Real Life

Look we have always been and will continue to be huge Jeremy Jones fans.  People toss the word legend around a little to often, but when directed towards him it sticks.  The original rail master and now the ultimate front runner in unique street hits, wall rides, roof gaps….Jeremy indeed “Still has it”.

Read this great write up done by Snowboard Magazine “Here to stay” and watch his ESPN Real Street part and give him a vote.

Jeremy Jones “Higher”

Most snowboard films have a crew of riders and they are documented doing all sorts of insane tricks that you or I will never do.  It’s why we love them and it’s what makes us itch for that week long trip we take every year.  Jeremy Jones has always been one of the gnarliest dudes and some of the descents he does is just flat out insane.  Higher is a basically a film based on three major descents…basically the most insane things he has ever done on a snowboard.  Peep the trailer and if you are anywhere near the premier of this film it’s a mandatory must go.

The Nixon Jibfest: Part 1

As a part of Powder and Rails: Season 3, Vice just released The Nixon JibFest: Part 1.

The concept of “jibbing” first came into the fray in the late ’80s. The Nixon JibFest started in 2000 as an invite-only event. In this episode, the people at Vice look back to the early ‘90s and talk to pioneers JP Walker and Jeremy Jones, who came up with the concept for the original JibFests. Through a combination of archival and current footage, this episode also addresses the chronology of “jibbing”…while assessing the connection between skateboarding and snowboarding. You’ll also hear from Snow Park Technologies‘ Chris Gunnarson and Nixon co-founder, Chad DiNenna, about the so-called anti-competition’s 8-year hiatus, and about making this latest one their biggest and best. This installment of The Nixon JibFest brings together three generations of snowboarders who have all influenced each other on the biggest custom courses that have ever been built. As Jeremy Jones says, “Dudes are just stoked.”

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