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Adidas x Jake Blauvelt

This epic, cinematic short featuring Jake Blauvelt marks adidas’s official introduction to the snowboard game.

adidas proudly welcomes Jake Blauvelt as the first team rider for the adidas Snowboarding program. To kick things off, they made Jake a signature apres shred boot just in time for the snow to start falling. Keep your eyes peeled for other team announcements soon and the full line of adidas Snowboarding products to drop for the 2013/14 season.” – adidas

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UNIQUE 8 Teaser

Pirate Movie Production is back with their new 2012 snowboard film release, UNIQUE 8.

The title refers to the innovative riding of a selected crew of only 8 riders: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Arthur Longo, Nicolas Müller, Kalle Ohlson, Teo Konttinen, Chris Sörman and Werni Stock. You decide if less is more!

PMP also switched from their beloved 16mm format to RED high definition digital cameras, but stayed true to their analog approach of titling.

The UNIQUE 8 premiere tour will kick off in Innsbruck on September 14th and will gather snowboard enthusiasts worldwide to party and get hyped on the upcoming season.

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Where Are They Now?

Shaun Palmer

Considered by many as one of the forefathers of extreme sports, Shaun “Palm Daddy” Palmer has tons of accolades. By the end of the ’90s he had acheived professional status in snowboarding, supercross, and mountain biking. His ability to adapt and succeed at nearly every sport he chose helped him gain numerous endorsements. Palmer’s name has always been synonymous with success.

Currently, in his spare time Palmer collects vintage Cadillac and enjoys all types  of water sports and golf. When not training for one sport or another,  Shaun serves as the CEO of Palmer Snowboards, founded in 1995. He also has a biographical video out titled “The Miserable Champion”.

Jimmy Halopoff

Back in the 1990s, when people wore baggy clothes, Snowboarding was coming of age. In 1998 snowboarding went from being an alternative, extreme sport to an Olympic sport. Reigning from Tahoe, Jimmy Halopoff was in the thick of it all. With a pro model from Lamar, groundbreaking video parts, and top contest results, Halopoff was considered one of the sport’s top pros.

The dawn of the new decade brought with it newer hardgood technology, younger faces, and advancements in park building that ultimately raised the bar of freestyle snowboarding. It was during this time that Halopoff’s name lost relevance. At age 42, Halopoff doesn’t stay as active in the snowboard industry, but he still spends a lot of time at Heavenly Valley in Tahoe. Here he has been featured and interviewed on the local morning show.

Chuck Barfoot

Born in New Jersey in 1946, Chuck Barfoot has been designing snowboards since he was a teenager in wood shop class. He started surfing on the east coast in 1961 and moved to California in the late 1960s. In 1978 Barfoot created his first run of snowboards in Utah outside of Salt Lake City. Two years later he created Barfoot Snowboards. In 2008 Barfoot Snowboards turned thirty years old.

Despite Barfoot making innovative boards, Chuck’s soul-surfing attitude got the best of the business and the company laid dormant during the ’00s. But, now Chuck is now back to making skateboards full-time and will soon, according to the “Angry Snowboarder”, be making handmade snowboards one by one.

Jeff Brushie

One of a kind and ahead of his time, Jeff Brushie is considered to be one of the most stylish snowboarders ever. He’s a true legend of the East Coast scene. Back in his prime, “Mr. Smooth” was one of the most consistent riders that truly meshed skate style with snowboarding. If you’ve ever seen footage of Brushie riding back in the day, you can’t help but notice his influence on modern tech tricks.

Since then, Brushie has been in and out of the judges booth in the X-Games the Dew Tour. He has a wife and two kids who both snowboard. Before the market sloped off, Brushie made a living by fixing up old houses and selling them. His favorite hobbies include surfing and drinking espresso.

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2013 Deck Specs Cont.

The 2012/13 season is right around the corner. Here are three more, highly anticipated boards from our favorite brands including Lib Tech, Never Summer, and GNU. All of these boards can currently be found on and are ready to ship today. Be sure to hit us up with any questions concerning binding compatibility, features, or shipping.


2013 Travis Rice Pro ModelLib Tech – T. Rice Pro C2BTX

Art of Flight tested, King of the Hill winning, valley leaping, Alaska ripping, Jackson Hole freeride & jib sticks. 100% shredtassium for sliding in and out of tricky situations with ease in all types of riding conditions: hardpack, park, pipe, pow, rails, and even ice. For psychoLOGICAL shredding advantages, Travis continues to have two shapes: a pow-specific pointy 161.5 & 164.5 and a park/jib-specific blunt 150, 153 & 157. And of course, factory de-tuned to Travis’ specs!


2013 Never Summer Proto CT SnowboardNever Summer – Proto CT

The 2012/13 Proto will continue to dominate! We’ve taken the powerful flex of the time tested SL, and blended it with the responsive dampening of the Evo to create the ultimate all mountain true twin. This board has the versatility of Never Summer’s patented Rocker & Camber Technology, our new Superlight wood core, graphite impregnated Sintered 5501 base and added a whole new element into the proven Never Summer Carbonium Series of boards.


GNU Park  Pickle SnowboardGNU- Park Pickle

The Park Pickle takes the next step in snowboard specific geometries. Banana between your feet for easy riding, catch-free park freestyle performance, and unreal float in powder. Magne-Traction for unreal edge-hold everywhere. Asymmetric sidecuts and construction to balance the different turning mechanics required for heel side turns and toe side turns. Your body is asymmetric, your snowboard should be asymmetric. Park Pickles with a deeper heel side sidecut and unique asym core, are designed around progressive riding and modern freestyle duck stances in all terrain.

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2013 Deck Specs

The 2012/13 season is right around the corner. These are our top three, highly anticipated boards from our favorite manufacturers including Burton, Ride, and K2. Next week we’re featuring three more boards from three different brands. All of these boards can currently be found on and are ready to ship today.


2013 Burton Preview
Burton – 2013 Custom Flying V
Juiced up and ready for lift-off, the Custom Flying V™ continues as the benchmark all other boards are compared to. The one-board answer for all terrain, its proven design improves power, pop, and handling with evolutions like Squeezebox and Lightning Bolts to energize the ride. Available in two versions, riders like Mikkel Bang can get the best of both worlds with the hybrid Flying V, or be like Nicolas Müller and stick with the precise control of camber.

All mountain freestyle chargers will benefit from the new versatile Hybrid LowRizeTM shape designed with the playful LowRizeTM rocker in the tip and tail, and the responsive level micro-camber zone under foot. By moving the carbon to the outside edge of the board they are maximizing the response, grip and stability, making this twin ideal for going big while maintaining an all around playful feel.


2013 K2 Happy Hour 161


K2 – Happy Hour 161

The 2012/2013 K2 Happy Hour is the result of K2 leaving their team alone to do what they want with each and every element of this all-new deck. A bit scary really. We are lucky no one was hurt. But, the end result is the most bizarro, genius fun board the K2 team has ever ridden.    



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New Think Thank Trailer | “Mind the Video Man”

The official trailer for Think Thank’s 9th video “Mind The Video Man”.

“Mind The Video Man” explores progressive freestyle snowboarding with those in the vanguard and those about to make their mark, while asking the question, “What’s happening with the snowboard video, where is it going next and how will that impact our culture.” Follow the video man and his crew as they push the limits of possibility and progression through creativity in an attempt to create something of meaning that will stand the new media onslaught and the test of time. Mind the video, man.

Starring: Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, Ted Borland, Chris Beresford, Sean Black, Sam Hulbert and welcoming to the Think Thank family; Curtis Woodman, Ryan Paul, Nial Romanek, Brandon Hammid, Kyle Lopiccolo, Brandon Reis, Jaeger Bailey and more. Song is “Lamb and the Lion” by The Mae Shi off the album Hlllyh.

Skullcandy Supreme Sound | Hesh 2.0

Recently Utah-based headphone company, Skullcandy, revealed a newly engineered line of headphones called Supreme Sound.  In the lineup are the Hesh 2.0, worn here by Danny Kass, available now on

For the 2.0 initiative, Skullcandy strives to be an all-in-one creative, acoustic powerhouse, raising the standard for acoustical engineering. Bass, vocals and highs are the three audio components that encompass the entire audio spectrum and are the foundation of the Supreme Sound experience.

Supreme SoundSkullcandy at

Skullcandy at

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