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Travis Rice’s Winning Run at Red Bull Supernatural

All the first-person footage from Red Bull’s “Supernatural” has been released. Here’s Travis Rice’s winning run from top to bottom.

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Arbor Snowboards FACE/OFF at Boreal

On April 15th, 2012 Arbor Snowboard‘s FACE/OFF event was held at Boreal Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe. Some of the riders included the defending champ from last year’s FACE/OFF event, Erik Leon, along with Ben Ross, Kai Wiggens, Colton Morgan, Alex Hereford, Jeremy (Lemi) Landy, Jordan Welter and other standouts. The battle for first place was between ended up between Kai Wiggens and Colton Morgan. After multiple battles it came down to a backside 270 to fakie, the trick was finally landed by Colton Morgan, and he took top honors and $600 making him the winner of the 2012 Arbor Snowboard‘s FACE/OFF event.

This is the order of tricks that went down in the final game of S.N.O.W.: Frontside lipslide, nollie back lip, switch frontside boardslide, switch backside boardslide, frontside 270, hardway backside 270, switch backside 270, switch frontside nosepress, and the winning trick, backside 270 to fakie.


1st: Colton Morgan  2nd: Kai Wiggens 3rd: Jeremy (Leemi) Landy  4th: Erik Leon


1st: Kate Barrett

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Our Favorite Items Under $25

These five items are our top pics under $25  on our Sick Deals page on


Bakoda – Traveling Tuning Kit

This time tested tuning kit still tops the charts. With features like magnetic wrench, patented ratchet and a die cast whistle that packs a punch, you can’t go wrong.







GNU – Sketchy Beanie

Wearing the Sketchy Beanie is like having eyes in the back of your head, but not really. Sold in assorted colors.






Forum – CS1 Herringbone Hoodie

Dont let the tech scare you. This zip-hooded sweatshirt is 80% cotton/20% polyester with a regular fit.







Special Blend – Threepeat Tee (Royal Stripe)

Premium short sleeve tee, regular fit, all over prime time stripes print,100% cotton, etc






Sandbox – Time Well Wasted DVD

Unique footage, good riding and fun are the focus once again from the Sandbox crew. This 16mm snowboard film will definitely make you want to go riding


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Dragon Apex Giveaway

At the end of last week we asked you via Facebook to tag us (or post on our wall) a pic of you riding. This automatically enters you in to win a pair of Dragon Apex goggles. Here are some cool shots we have received so far:


Macarena Caballero

Matt Sherman

Sergiu Campian

Bobby Carrillo


The winner will be picked at random later this week. To enter the contest for yourself visit our Facebook page. Until then, happy shredding!


Nicolas Müller | Nike Zoom Kaiju QS

The limited edition quick-strike Nicolas Müller Nike Zoom Kaiju QS just hit the shelves. This is what Nike has to say about them:

“The latest in Nike Snowboarding’s limited edition boots! Over the years we have explored the freakish worlds of Danny Kass and Gigi Rüf, and this year we walk a very different path with none other than Nicolas Müller.”


Need some new kicks to rock to the Knicks game? Apparently some of Nike Snowboarding‘s boots have gained some momentum in the hip hop scene. I’d be interested to know how Bow-wow’s feet feel after walking around NY wearing snowboard boots.










*photo via Complex Mag


Pick your kit now with Nike Snowboarding and

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Analog | Danny Davis Caption Contest

So you think your funny huh? Prove it in our latest caption contest. Take a long hard look at the image below, put on your rain coat and start the brainstorm. Once it hits you, submit your caption to the Analog caption contest page. If you prove yourself worthy, your caption will be chosen as one of the four finalists put into a Facebook poll on our Facebook page. The lucky poll winner will receive a Danny Davis signature Analog Alder Jacket.


The Analog Alder Jacket features classic Danny Davis style in a 2L jet micro poly fabric with 40G poly insulation. It comes complete with removable sleeves, elbow patches, and a corduroy hood.



What are you waiting for? Get creative.

January | Learn to Snowboard Month

Humans were never meant to hibernate. That’s why January is the official Learn to Snowboard Month (LSM). LSM encourages kids and adults to get off the couch and take lessons from professional instructors while also challenging established snowboarders to take their skills to the next level. Besides being a perfect excuse to get outdoors and learn something new, LSM is also a way to share our passion with future boarders.

Over 300 resorts in 32 states participate in LSM by providing special learning programs  during the month of January. For a full list of participating resorts, visit the interactive Google Maps page HERE.

For more information on LSM, visit For questions regarding equipment, getting started, and anything else, email [email protected], call (866) 268-7669 or visit Happy learning!