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Triple Rodeo | Billy Morgan

Triple Rodeo courtesy of Billy Morgan. Unreal. Progression never sleeps.

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Meet Moe. He doesn’t speak much but can be a great listener. He gets locked up from time to time…but so do all the greats (MLK, Weezy, etc.). He recently picked up playing the harmonica.





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John Jackson POV – New Art of Flight Teaser!

Here is the deal: as the momentum builds on “The Art of Flight” Facebook Page the Brain Farm and RedBull crew will release even more never before seen video clips! If you want to see more clips, then like them on Facebook! Here is the latest from John Jackson’s point of view. So head over to the Facebook page and give ‘er a like so we can see more.

Snowboarding’s Origins Explored In New Dangerzone Episode

In response to a recent Berrics snowboarding mockery (“If the Alien Workshop can be owned by a snowboard company, there shouldn’t be any hiccups in our transition into the more popular, more respected, more hot chicks, more everything Olympian sport of snowboarding.”), Dangerzone decided to answer back with a little snide sarcasm of their own.

Honestly, though, I think that Dangerzone might be on to something with their assertion that snowboarding is derived from rollerblading, not skateboarding.  It’s so easy for us all to claim skate roots in an attempt to gain acceptance from the coolest and most legitimate of all “Action Sports” (aside from the ancient art of surfing, of course), but we revisionist historians out there know the true story.  Snowboarding isn’t a relative of skateboarding at all.  At our core, we are rollerbladers through and through.

So…let’s embrace this…and move on from the false history that we’ve been trying so desperately to convince ourselves is true for all these years.

Dangerzone Season 3 Episode 13- “Fruit-Boarding” from Nick Visconti on Vimeo.

Curt Morgan And Brain Farm Are Ushering In A New Era In Action Sports Cinema Production

Have you seen what Curt Morgan has been up to?
Inspired by the groundbreaking Discovery Channel TV Series, Planet Earth, Curt Morgan is taking new technology and a new perspective to Action Sports film-making.  Armed with a personalized Cineflex V14 Gyro-stabilized Camera that has to be registered with the U.S. Government due to the fact that it uses the same stabilizing technology found in “Smart Missiles”, Morgan is capturing mind-blowing HD cinematography to, as he puts it, “test the limits of high definition motion picture production”…and, as pro snowboarder Travis Rice explains, to “bring a new perspective to the whole film-making creative”.

It took two years for Morgan to learn how to effectively shoot using all of this new technology, but now he’s an expert at really putting the viewer in the perspective of the rider while recreating the entire experience for the viewer.  It all got started for Morgan after a series of serious injuries forced him to drop snowboarding in favor of another passion: film-making.
Now…he’s awing people with amazing images that can’t be captured using yesterday’s technology.

Morgan’s first full on endeavor using this new technology was for “That’s It, That’s All”.  From there, the whole thing exploded.  And…now…Morgan is shooting for the likes of National Geographic.

Check this out:

For more information and to watch more videos, check out The Creators Project and Brain Farm Digital Cinema.

They’re Bringin’ Back The Nixon Jibfest

The word around the campfire is that they’re bringin’ back the Nixon Jibfest.  In fact, as I understand it, it starts today at Northstar at Tahoe.

After nearly 8 years in hibernation, what is widely considered the best, most laid back, most progressive, and most innovative events is about to get underway.

Details surrounding the event have been pretty vague and indefinite…particularly as it relates to the setup and the rider list, but Blotto has posted some images on his blog today of his arrival at the Jibfest…and we now that Simon Chamberlain is going to be there based on what he is posting on his blog, Simon Sayz.

I can’t wait for footage from the event to start surfacing.  Until then, these videos from past years will have to tie us over.