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Press Release: Ambush Board Co. Is Making Moves Again has merged with parent corp.; Ambush Board Co.

Kennesaw, GA, February 19, 2016: Since 1997, Ambush Board Co. has been making moves in board sports.  Ambush was the first ever full-service board sports retailer in Georgia, specializing in skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, footwear, apparel, and accessories.  Ambush offers the strongest and most desired brands catering to men and women, as well as the young rippers.

Way back in the year 2000, Ambush originated their first e-commerce website; was the web’s first wakeboard only online pro shop and made heads turn with their maxim – “No Skis, No Tubes, No Bulls#!t.” is renowned as the worldwide leader in online wakeboarding retail and continues to set the pace and drive/guide the wakeboard industry.

In 2004, Ambush reinvented board sports online retail again by releasing three distinct niche websites:, offering the very best snowboarding brands;, selling skateboard footwear and apparel; and, dishing out a 24/7 no promo code required Multi-Shoe Discount Program.

The Ambush Board Co. eSquad
The Ambush Board Co. eSquad

Several years later, Ambush Board Co. launched an all-inclusive website,, that encompasses all sports, brands, and categories found on the other four sites.  Building on their legacy and strong brick-and-mortar reputation, has rapidly become the trusted go-to e-commerce website for riders worldwide.

With the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce,, and have merged into  Why?  It just makes sense!

Now, all customers will have instant access to every product for every sport from every brand in one expertly designed website. has “Everything You Need to Ride”!

About Ambush Board Co.
Ambush Board Co. is a universally recognized global leader in board sports retail.  Founded in 1997 in Kennesaw, GA, Ambush is owned and operated by a core group of devoted skateboarders, wakeboarders, and snowboarders who are deeply invested in the board sports community, and has evolved by staying true to its essential principles of Service, Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment, and Passion.  Ambush always has been and always will be unyielding in their collective efforts to push the progression of board sports retail.

Snowboard Flip Tricks?

Every year there are a handful of tricks you have to knock the rust off and then there are ones you’ll never do.  You should take time to watch this little gem and learn some flip trickery this season!

Eiki Helgason – Flip Tricks on His Snowboard” is one of the wildest videos we’ve seen on Transworld Snowboarding.  Who is ready of winter already?!

Top 5 Customizers in Board Sports

I guess they’re called “customizers”?  Or…are they called “configurators”?  I’m referring to those fun little things where you can take a product that exists and personalize it to make it unique to you, to make it your own.  They’re like low-consideration versions of the SIMS.  I like building my own Toyota.  I like designing my own Nikes.  I even have a Bitmoji.  But, it’s when these amusing digital diversions cross paths with my passions – surfing, snowboarding, wake, etc. – that things get really good.  Given all of that, I’m proud to present…

My Top 5 Customizers in Board Sports:

1. Oakley Custom

With Oakley’s customizer you can “Make It Yours” in a couple of different categories, but…as far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the sunglasses.  I took the Holbrook…and gave it a Gray Smoke frame, matte black icons, and Dark Bronze lenses.  The result is kind of like my nod to Lefty Ruggiero.  Check it out:

My Oakley Custom Holbrook

My Oakley Custom Holbrook


2. Converse Blank Canvas

For this one I went with the updated, yet highly classic and relevant Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Ox.  What I came up with is like a run-in between the kids from that Hoosiers movie and every hipster in East Atlanta.  The hackneyed, if not vain, “PERSONAL iD” on the heel stripe is part of the presentation.


3. Board Builder : Channel Islands Surfboards

In my estimation, Al Merrick is the preeminent shaper in the history of surfing.  I paddled out on my first Channel Islands (an MBM) over a decade ago.  I don’t know that I could bring myself to ride anything without the Al Merrick stamp on it.  My shape of choice in this exercise was the current iteration of the Flyer; the aptly named “New Flyer.”  I set up the stringer, the fin plugs…everything.  You can even add air brush art work.  This customization is inspired by Tom Curren.  She’s beautiful.


4. Design Your Nautique

We (as in…Ambush Board Co. and have been friends of and partners with Nautique in a major way for many, many years.  It’s pretty much objectively true that Nautique produces the best wake boats.  The wake they throw is firm, rampy (is that a word?), and huge.  C’mon, I’ll take you for a pull behind this:


5. Lib Tech’s DIY Board Builder

Lib Tech is short for Liberace Technologies, a reference to “Mr. Showmanship,” as well as to Lib Tech’s radically innovative approach to snowboard design and absolute commitment to environmental sustainability.  Lib has long since made a believer out of me.
I want one snowboard that excels in any terrain and in all conditions.  More specifically, I want the Lib Tech TRS – XC2 BTX.  Let’s be real, black is the new black…and the Classic Logo Black top is irresistible (for whatever reason, though, I selected the Classic Logo White base).  I referenced the whole “Banana” thing with black/yellow sidewalls.  This thing is bad:

I woke up like this...

I woke up like this…


So…that’s my top 5 customizers in board sports.  Thank you for indulging me.  If you have any favorites of your own, please post a comment below.

10 Music Festival Necessities

Electric Forest

EOTO – Electric Forest 2015 (Photo: Rollup DSmoove)

Whether you’re an avid music festival-goer or you’re preparing to experience your first festival, there are quite a few items you’ll need in order to get through the weekend.  Here is a list of 10 necessities you’ll want to ensure you pack up with you before you depart.


1. Canopy: You definitely do not want to be stuck baking in the sun all day while relaxing at your campsite.  Coordinate with your group of friends and make sure you’ve got enough canopies to accommodate your campsite.

2. Lawn chairs: Nobody wants to be stuck sitting in the grass while at camp, so make sure you have enough chairs to get you by.

Electric Forest Camp 2

Electric Forest 2015 Campsite (Photo: Rollup DSmoove)

3. Foldup table(s): Super clutch and a must-have.

4. Coolers: Make sure you have enough space to house all your beer while saving a little room for some perishable food items.

5. Tapestries: Perfect for hanging from your canopy to get a little extra shade during the day.  Tapestries are also great as a field blanket while inside the festival grounds; super light and easy to fold up and place in your bag.

6. Garbage bags/plastic utensils/solo cups/paper towels/paper plates/etc.: Most festivals will give you a large plastic trash bag, but it’s important to have extra.  Make sure you depart the festival grounds exactly as you entered them.  Whatever you pack in, pack out and clean up after yourself.

7. Tent/sleeping bag/pillow/tarps: The obvious essentials if you’re camping at the festival.

8. Portable speaker: Keep the party alive while at camp.  The Nixon Blaster is perfect for festivals – it’s durable and water-, sand-, and dirt-resistant.

Electric Forest 2015 - Skrillex

Skrillex – Electric Forest 2015 (Photo: Rollup DSmoove)

9. Headlamps/flashlights/lanterns: Keep your campsite lit up at night and make sure you can find your way around the festival grounds once dark hits.

10. Battery powered fans: It’s summer and it’s going to be hot – make sure you beat that heat.


Music festivals really bring about a true sense of community, so don’t stress if you forget something.  Everyone attending is there for the same reasons that you are and they’ve got your back, so just relax and have fun.  I recently attended Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan and I’d like to end this post with a quote directly from Electric Forest HQ…:

“Make an elaborate and detailed plan.  Spend a lot of time on this plan.  Upon arrival at the festival, throw away your plan.  Go towards what you don’t know, not what you do know.”


… And if you’re intimidated on how to get through that crowd at a show, take notes from this guy.

Top 5 Summer Activities for Snowboarders

The best 5 activities you can do now that the snow has melted:

We all dream of snowboarding year round, but it’s just not possible, unless you’re a professional or Jake Burton.  Summer is quickly approaching and will be here before we know it.  To keep you busy and your stoke meter high, we have compiled a list of fun activities for your summertime checklist.

1. Surfing in Jackson Hole

When the snow melts it feeds the Snake River and in certain spots you can catch snowboard legends like Brian Iguchi or even Travis Rice ripping some turns and 360s.   Looks fun, right?

2. Fly Fishing in Park City

Our own Nick Gaddy and Nick Mertes (collectively known as The Nix) caught the fishing bug once the snow melted and slayed some rainbow trout just south of the Provo River.  It’s pretty easy to find a guide and the gear you need all over Utah, but this place is a honey hole.

Fly Fishing Park City, UT

3. Downhill Mountain Biking in Whistler

Sure, you can probably ride around your hometown or you may even have a fun downhill trail that you ride seasonally, but if you really want to have fun, book a trip to Whistler.  It has one of the largest areas to ride with multiple zones to choose from.  Whistler is quickly becoming a destination for mountain bikers around the globe.

4. Camping & Wakeboarding at Lake Powell

One of the best times we’ve ever had was a group camping trip at Lake Powell, AZ.  Seriously, the views and scenery are stunning.  The best part is, if you get two or three of your buddies together, it can be somewhat affordable.  You can rent a ’19 boat and load your camping gear and find the perfect hideaway and it feels like you have the whole lake to yourselves.  Make sure to bring your wakeboards and wakeskates for those early morning butter sessions.  For all your wake needs this summer check out one of our sister sites:


5. Skateboarding in Oregon

Seriously…pack the van with your buddies and hit Oregon for a month or more.  There are more legendary skate parks in Oregon then anywhere else in the world.  It’s a skateboarding Mecca and a guaranteed good time.  Make sure you have a list of must visits and then try to hit up random ones along the way.  You will probably never skate them all, but at least you can try, right!

Oregon Skate Park Burnside_Skatepark_Portland,_Oregon  Oregon Skate Park


Take advantage of your off season!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more exciting adventures this Summer!

From Snow season to Spring season: The top 5 things you need!

Wouldn’t you know it, another year of snowboarding has come and gone.  Some of us were treated to 30-40 days of riding and some were lucky to get in one really good week long trip.  Even though everyone didn’t get the really good winter weather we had hoped for we can always count on Spring to warm us up and get outdoors.   Spring is a great time to go camping, fishing, spend time with friends/family, or cross train through wakeboarding.

Here is our Top 5 must haves to transfer into Spring season:

1) Boardshorts

It’s time to retire those snowboard pants and pick up a new pair of boardshorts and kick it in melted snow.  We have a great selection from Billabong, RVCA, Fox, O’Neill and may more.


2) New T-Shirts (your old ones are funky)

If you are anything like us we’re sure you have a drawer full of t-shirts that can be retired.  Sure there is something about that favorite shirt of yours, but the ten below and above it can go right?  Some of the hottest t-shirts right now are the Volcom x Spitfire “Big Head” and the Altamont “Electric Clouds” tie dye…because tie dye’s are the Jam!  We have some seriously sick shirts from not only the best snow brands, but the best skate companies as well.


3) Shorts (casual and hybrid)

Sky’s out thigh’s out right?  Sure you can just cut off your jeans and make jorts, but that doesn’t help the fact that your jeans are ruined from winter time partying.   We’re loaded with all the best fits from all the best companies like Matix, RVCA, Brixton, Quiksilver and many more.


4) Trade those Goggles for Sunglasses

How’s that goggle tan treating you?  The best part about retiring the goggles is you don’t have to worry too much about price.  We have some of the best shades from Glassy and Neff that won’t break the bank and will keep the haters at bay.  Or if you want to shell out a little more, then make sure to checkout the Spy Fold and Electric aviators – look your best!


5) Switch out hiking boots for skate shoes

How beat are your boots?  Did you get to ride so much that a new pair next season is inevitable?  Who cares – it’s warm and that means it’s time to go skateboarding.  We’re loaded with that new new.  The Supra Stacks go off…all the new Es Skateboarding shoes are sick…Lakai MJ is by far one of our favorites….Adidas Seeley has superb board feel and they are more durable then they look.  Don’t forget we also carry NikeSB, Vans and more.


Stay in the know and follow us:

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Who did it better?

Ok so Instagram has been firing with some killer videos lately.  It’s unfortunate that the US isn’t getting the snow we had hoped for, but as long as the internet is alive there is good riding to be seen.  Take these three videos for example.  Which video do you think did it better?

1) Mike Rave – Insane Backside 180

2) Dan Brisse – Monster Industrial rail and drop

3) Mathieu Crepel – The White Wave